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Jao Refresher on Rachael Ray!

It seems that the lovely ladies at Rouge use our Jao Refresher when glamorizing their customers. Since the purpose of Rouge is to bring professional makeup artistry to us everyday folks, it makes sense that they would use our hand sanitizer. After more than 13 years, Jao has become industry standard in professional makeup artists' kits. It keeps your hands germ free and smelling like lavender without drying out your skin when using it over and over again. It may be used by professionals, but since it has many, many, many uses, Jao Refresher is great for everyone! Thanks Stephanie March & Rebecca Perkins for sharing our product with your lovely ladies. 

Laura Love Loves Goe

"When Love does reach for her makeup bag, the focus of her products is always more natural than put-on. After the shower, she smooths on Jao Goe Oil. "It makes my skin feel very hydrated," she says. "It's like a mini spa treatment."

- "A Day in the Life of Model Laura Love", Popsugar, by Maria Del Russo

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