New personal care review: unisex products

"Aiming to redefine unisex personal care, Jao Ltd is launching its Jao Bomade Multipurpose Balm, a product that is claimed to be suitable for a number of specific male and female grooming needs. Among the products the company has released is Beard Scent: as a grooming product for men it can be used to soften beards, while for women it can "moisturize skin, tame flyaway hair, or soften cuticles." The multipurpose product is described as "a 100% natural balm containing our 10% essential oil blend of woodsy, citrus scented goodness with grapefruit, fir needle, fir balsam, and patchouli essential oils." By deliberately targeting the specific grooming needs of both sexes, rather than trying to appear gender-neutral, this product avoids the trap of coming across as too generic, something which could help it stand out from other unisex skincare products on the market."

- Datamonitor, June 2013

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It does not show on mobile. This could have a coupon code, announce a sale or have mailing list sign up. It can also link to a product. I don't see that it's possible to add an image. This is a built in feature. It's possible an app can have pictures. It will only show every 30 days per person. . 


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