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The Nonchalant Mom

"It took me awhile to get around to using Jao, but I will tell you our little story - because it made me a HUGE fan! On our last Florida trip my kids got sunburn, I forgot to bring anything but my tube of Jao and it worked for everyone! Our daughter gets a rash from just about every product, we are down to just using Sesame oil on her, but the Goe oil worked it's magic! It feels amazing on your skin, it soothes the burn, softens the dryness from the sun - we used it on our skin, in our hair, everything... I would say we could have drank it. The Jao products are 100% natural, the ingredients are simple and from nature and I just love everything about this father/daughter company! Prepare to fall in LOVE - the uses are endless!"

-The Nonchalant Mom

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