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Goe Oil for Chemical Peel

"I kept hearing about this GOE OIL & how amazing it was plus all natural. My gorgeous 3oz. tube arrived. Put it on back of my hand first & shortly after my nose was pretty much plastered to my hand! I couldn't get enough of these scents. Whatever is the combo, kinda magical. 

Ventured to try on my face because I was in the worst stage of a chemical peel ~ red, itchy, peeling & dry.  Decided there was nothing to lose & on my face went GOE OIL. Here's the results: soft, fresh, moisture drenched & redness gone.  I wouldn't be scaring anyone who saw me.

I cherish my GOE. Going to find out if it comes in XXXL! It's a summertime must for the entire body. 

-Amy A.

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