I love shopping, and I am often on the hunt for something elusive, different, something not easily found. I’ll get lost, stumble down the wrong street, maybe find some odd shop leftover from another time, a small store hidden away, possibly with a treasure inside. It’s definitely about the hunt, but also always about the find.

As Jao Brand grows, we will be working with designers and small manufacturers to bring you interesting new products that can’t usually be found anywhere else but here; picked for you to wear, wash with, live in and use. Our finds will have originality, boldness of design and a real point of view, uniquely making them your own.

Lamazuna at Jao Brand


Ecological Innovation in Cosmetics
Vegan Cosmetics • Zero Waste • 100% Natural

Jao Brand is honored to be the first merchant in the USA of Lamazuna from Paris. Created by Laëtitia Van de Walle. These uniquely lovely, one-of-a-kind products make great gifts for your discriminating friends. You know the ones, who actually care about our world and their bodies.

Versatile Cloth


Towels from Turkey
Linen from Sweden

Summer-soft cloth on sun warmed skin, it's always summer somewhere. Unique Jao Brand Versatile Cloth. Inspiration comes from everywhere.
goe tube flatten


Squeeze out every last drop

Made In USA. Truly quirky, truly useful.


Easily go from Beach to Bath.

Luxuriously soft made of 100% Turkish Cotton, this robe is elegant in stripes with a color block of blue and fringe along the bottom.

Versa Undies at Jao


Pack Only What You Need
Leave No Footprints

Perfect old school Granma Panties that rock it like a 1950’s swimsuit bottom.