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Capuche - Denim and Black

Jao Brand Capuche - Denim and Black
Jao Brand Capuche - Denim and Black
Jao Brand Capuche - Denim and Black
Jao Brand Capuche - Denim and Black
Product image 1Jao Brand Capuche - Denim and Black
Product image 2Jao Brand Capuche - Denim and Black
Product image 3Jao Brand Capuche - Denim and Black
Product image 4Jao Brand Capuche - Denim and Black

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Mix-n-Match Denim and Black

A stylish and practical rain bonnet. An umbrella for your pocket.

Well if you know me, I am always shopping. Even on the RER heading out of Paris! I get on the train, and suddenly realize I’m on the wrong train. Then the gal next to me asks, "are we on the wrong train?” Well she’s lovely, and by the time we have hopped off and then on again for the next one, I have found a new friend. It turns out she’s a Parisian with her own business making Capuche’s. I am intrigued and of course I had to have one. 

This rain bonnet perfectly matches the equally waterproof pocket-sized pouch, which comes with it. Made in Europe from a 100% waterproof fabric (plastic is cheap) with a brand new design and a new shape, this grandma’s favourite handbag staple reminds us more naturally of the elegance and grace of Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn or Catherine Deneuve than of the Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. 

They are fantastic and so original, perfect to always keep in your bag. Once you use it you will not want to be caught without it again. I love tying it around my neck as a scarf and it’s also useful on the airplane as a breathing mask if the person next to you is coughing!!!


1. Great looking hoodie to keep the hair frizz free from spring showers!
2. Tie around neck as a scarf.
3. Use as a mask on plane/train/car travel when around others who are sick, or sick yourself!
4. Practical, not loaded down with an umbrella.
5. Pairs great with jackets and coats that don’t have hoods.
6. Girly, but not too girly!
7. Keeps you going whatever the weather!

I am in love with Juliette’s beautiful Capuches. Available in a vast array of colours, designs and patterns to suit every woman's style. Each model has a varied design element, to match any outfit. Its the original touch that makes all the difference. We told you, you should always listen to grandma. There’s nothing like Grandma’s advice.

Made of 100% Cotton Water Repellent Fabric and Water Repellent Waxed Cloth.
Fabric Made in the EU. Assembled in the EU.

Capuches à Mémé

Juliette lives in Paris, works as an art director and like everybody, she has to endure rain on average 170 days every year. Gisèle lives in Chambery, she is Juliette’s grandmother and she hasn’t worried about rain for a long time thanks to the rain bonnet, neatly folded and kept in her pocket.

With a keen eye for fashion following years of experience and a practical mind inherited from her grandma, Juliette thinks she can create something very cool and gives the rain bonnet a modern and stylish twist.

As Juliette’ so eloquently puts it:

Because they are true : The Capuches à Mémé are part of a tradition, which has been revisited and it’s a truly authentic story. A vintage accessory but also a must-have accessory for today’s modern women.

Because they are beautiful : The Capuches à Mémé are a beautifully designed accessory, which can be matched with all your favourite outfits.

Because they are practical: The Capuches à Mémé are the new handbag staple, the fashionable accessory, which you cannot do without and can take anywhere with you.



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