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A scent to wear outdoors. A scent to bring the outdoors in.

• Essential Oil Parfum 
• Insect Repellent Blend 
• Citrusy, Woodsy, Earthy, Complex, Pure 
• A Feminine/Masculine Scent 
• No Synthetic Fragrances Used

Grapefruit, fir needle, patchouli and other wood oils round out this super fresh scent. OutScent™ blends well with other scents you might be wearing, especially jasmine or sandalwood. 

**Because OutScent is made from pure essential oils, each batch has varied in color due to the variations in the Fir Needle Balsam. This year's batch is green in color. The smell is the same.

Wear as a light, uplifting scent in Summer. 
In Winter, spritz on coats, scarves and dark colored sweaters .
Spray on skin as a bug repellent, or perhaps a kerchief tied around your head or neck on a hike.

50ml/1.75fl oz 
No Synthetic Fragrances Used 

ex•tracts Best New Product Award, 2011 NY Beauty Show, New York Magazine Best Bets 2012 

Ingredients: SDA 40B Alcohol (from Corn), Essential Oils, Water

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