Original for a reason

A meticulously formulated, multipurpose modern apothecary.
The less you buy, the less you consume, the less you throw away.

Our New Face Crème Day

"I love talking about Jao Brand because it's such a wonderful, thoughtful brand and a green beauty pioneer, yet it seems to fly under the radar. As for the new SPFs, I think they'll become your new, year-round BFFs."

– The Hermes Hippie



Gale picked this entire collection for you to wear, wash with, live in and use. Each product is ingenious in design and will make your life stylishly easier.

Swedish Linen

A collection of comfort and simplicity.

french bed roll

Glamping at its finest.


Stylish and practical rain bonnets.

our multi-purpose products

When one product does many things, we buy less and consume less. Jao Brand multi-purpose products will become your talismans to keep you clean, soft, smooth and herbally uplifted.

The essential products you didn't know you needed, and now that you’ve found them you can't live without.

Only tested on humans (humanely). Made in the USA.

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