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A mystical word inscribed on a 2000-year-old charm believed to prevent and cure disease.

Born of necessity and totally original, Jao products are the artful synthesis of ancient pharmacopoeia and modern science, retro package design and global cool. Jao Ltd. is the creation of Gale Mayron, a daughter who got lucky enough to have an amazing chemist for a father. Mayron uses only the very best ingredients in her totally original, niche brand products.

Gale Mayron Jao Brand
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"Jao Ltd. is focused on healthy, multipurpose products. When one product does many things we buy, consume and throw away less. Our unisex products will become your talismans to keep you clean, soft, smooth, and herbally uplifted."

Gale and David Mayron
Gale and David Mayron

When I was a kid, my father was a research and developmental chemist for a big firm in Philadelphia. He would go to tradeshows and bring me back bags of potions to smell and play with.

David Mayron Jao Brand

David Mayron -1927-2022
He sought balance in life and in his formulations.
To read more about him, click here.

My parents and I always loved the idea of a family business. So back in 1994, I asked my Dad about washing my hands while on the go and he said "gelled alcohol" would be the solution. So we did some research, and began formulating. I started sending him all these essential oils. After about 2 years we hit on a wonderful blend. I found the name Jao in an old pharmacy book my father had. Jao is a mystical word inscribed on a 2,000 year old charm believed to prevent and cure disease. I also liked that the word seemed like it could be from any culture.

We launched the business in 1997.
It was really fun to be in on the beginning of an entirely new product category.

About Us

I had the idea for Goē Oil for a long time and it took my father quite a few years to figure it out. We finally launched Goē Oil, which stands for (Garden of Eden) in 2008. I don't like to just add products to fatten the bottom line. I think of each product as a work of art, like a song or painting, and they take time to create.

About Us

Jao Brand has expanded to 14 original products with more on the way. The products are now available in over 700 stores and more than 15 countries around the world. We outgrew our origins in Mayron Labs and, in 2013 moved into the Jao Haus.

About Us

Jao Brand products are both masculine/feminine and multipurpose. I don't believe in lots of products to take up shelf space and clutter. The less you buy, the less you consume, the less you throw away, is the mantra of our business.

- Gale Mayron
Made with love in Pennsylvania.

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