Men's Health: Best Beard Balms 2023

This multi-purpose balm is really all about the beard. It’s the perfect weight for coarse facial hair and is thick en...

Cosmopolitan: What's in Stassie Karanikolau's Toiletry Bag

Okay, so if you *thought* you knew how to travel in style, allow Stassie Karanikolaou to put you to shame. She carrie...

HelloGiggles: Looking Fresh and Glossy the Day After a Party

This would also be the perfect time to indulge in  GOĒ OIL by Jao (one of Drew Barrymore’s favorites). It contains 28...

ENews!: Dancing With the Stars Pro Britt Stewart Shares Her Beauty Secrets

If you know me, you also know I hate germs, so hand sanitizer is essential. My favorite is Jao Hand Refresher

Smallflower President's Favorites: Goē Oil

The secret is to use a small amount on your body when your skin is still a bit wet from the shower. 

Elle Decor: Sasheer Zamata is Obsessed

I keep this in my car, my purse, and my travel bag. I love that it’s multipurpose.

Department of Salad Gift Guide - Inscental Room Spritz

I spray it in the kitchen, in my bedroom, in my closets, in my car. I’ll spray it on you if you come near me.

Strategist: This Do-Everything Hand Sanitizer (That Celebrities Swear by)

We’ve written about the Jao Refresher sanitizer many times (so much so that it made the “Strat 100“), and it’s a favo...

Glamour Spain: Gwyneth Paltrow's favorite multi-tasking cream

How many uses is this jewel capable of giving us? 1.Body moisturizer. "This is its main function, and it is quickly ...

Seventeen: Best Beauty Gifts for The Holidays

This deliciously smooth body oil can be applied basically anywhere that needs hydration, sans the stickiness.

Goop: Ask an Editor - The Chicest Ways to Get the Eff Out of Town

Lately (especially with the cold weather), I have been lathering my body in oil to keep my skin hydrated. Goe Oil is ...

Tiny Beans: Guest Room Essentials

Set a bottle of this Refresher in your guest bedroom or bathroom and let the soothing aloe and chamomile, and the spa...

Byrdie: Best Body Lotions for Men

It is one of the more luxuriating things you can lather on after a long day, hot shower, or bath, and to wake up with...

W: Bella Hadid Instagram Photo Dump

Hadid loves crystals, which isn’t news. But we can vouch for the Jao hand sanitizer seen here in the blue bottle. It ...

Posthaven: The World According to Sherimaven

For those who wish to keep the Summer vibe alive, you gotta get some Goe Oil. This stuff melts in your hands and make...

GQ: Hairy Man's Guide to Skincare

his is why guys with beards find success with a beard oil: A few drops on the fingertips are easily massaged onto the...

Byrdie: Naomi Watts Tells Us Her Beauty Routine

I love Jao’s Goe Oil, which is really great for the cracked feet or elbows. 

Essence: Products Staffers Use To Repel Ashy Skin

A little goes a long way with this oil. And it’s super easy to apply thanks to it’s semi-solid formulation that compl...

The Strategist: Things on Sale You'll Actually Want To Buy

It’s never a bad time to stock up on discounted celebrity- and makeup-artist-loved hand sanitizer.

New Beauty: Drew Barrymore Shares Her Skin Care Routine

Finally, she spritzes on one of her favorite scents, and locks the gorgeous fragrance in with Goe Oil ($52) all over ...

Harpers Bazaar: Essentials Celebrity Makeup Artist Priscilla Ono Swears By

My favorite hand sanitizer is by Jao—it smells like lavender, and a lot of makeup artists use it, it's so amazing. I ...

Philadelphia: Bonkosi Horn on Her Favorites

Travel essential: Packable skin care is a must — and hand sanitizer that doubles as deodorant! I like Jao Brand, whic...

Glamour: Kate Bock Drops Her Skin Care Routine

Jao Brand Goē Oil. It's the best scent and is a beautiful hydrating oil for your full body. 

Harpers Bazaar: Essentials Parachute Founder Ariel Kaye Swears By

I like the Jao Hand Refresher. I feel like it's the only one that doesn't dry my hands out, and it smells really good.

Goop: Ask Jean: The Best, Safest Tan

I dotted my ankles and toes with a bit of Goe Oil, my ultimate vacation moisturizer, to blend the tanner perfectly.

Elle: Exploring The Emerging "Genderless" Beauty Culture

This bottle of Hand Refresher is not only an on-the-go hand sanitizer, but also an aftershave, body spray, and undera...

Vanity Fair: Editors Share Their Go-To Look For Fashion Week

I can’t leave the house without my favorite hand sanitizer! I might even have a bottle in every coat pocket just to b...

Remodelista: Folding Beds & Camp Beds

Remodelista's picks includes the Jao Flax French Bed Rolls.

Byrdie: Natural Alternatives To Petroleum Jelly

Like petroleum jelly, it's multi-purpose, so it's great to have around in case you need something moisturizing that g...

GreenMatters: Safer, More Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Vaseline

For a vegan alternative to Vaseline, the article recommends Jao's Goe Oil.  Not only is it cruelty-free, but it's als...

Byrdie: Best Natural Bug Spray

If sprays aren’t your thing, this bug-fighting body oil offers the perfect solution. "Jao Brand Patio Oil is another ...

ABCdesevilla: How To Take Advantage Of Body Oils

You can use for almost everything and that is perfect in hot months due to its light texture.

Ultra: Grooming Trends for 2022

Now we’re seeing more body serums like Jao. Adding that much-needed complexity to full-body skincare

The Strategist: What Actress Ashley Greene Khoury Can’t Live Without

It smells really good. It’s like aromatherapy meets hand sanitizer. 

Slate: Recommendations From Managing Producer of Slate Podcasts

The managing producer of Slate Podcasts recommends Jao Refresher hand sanitizer.

ABC: Moisturizing body creams that will help you keep your beach tan for longer

This semi-solid and 100% natural oil-balm is a multipurpose product whose main function is to hydrate the skin. Conta...

The Strategist: Most Giftable Things

Every famous person's hand sanitizer.

Glamour: Brandy Drops her Skin Care Routine

It's the best hand sanitizer, because it smells so good and doesn't leave a sticky residue. It feels like you just wa...

Refinery 29: The Wellbeing Products We Tried & Loved In September

It's less drying than most, but the biggest plus is that it doesn't smell like tequila, unlike so many of its compet...

The Strategist: Brandy's Favorite Things 2021

It smells almost too good to be hand sanitizer. I have bottles on bottles on bottles of it. I keep it everywhere. Ser...

Seaside: Summer Beauty Guide

Described as ‘lighter than a body butter and longer lasting than a moisturizer,’ this lightweight oil can be used eve...

Marie Claire: Protective Masks Are Changing The World of Skincare

The in-air ritual was always the same (and, in 2019, was captured for posterity by Naomi Campbell on YouTube): saniti...
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