Domino - 8 Sanitizers for When You're Nowhere Near a Sink

This formula from Jao acts as both a disinfectant and an aromatherapy treatment in one bottle. It includes a mix of e...

NY Mag: What Kelly Ripa Can’t Live Without

You can just spray this and it instantly makes things better. I’ll spray it into my jacket and then put my face into ...

CNN Tonight - Corona Virus Questions with Don Lemon and Sanjay Gupta

CNN Don Lemon "Yes. But, yes, this Jao one is really good. It smells really good."

New York Times - What Aidy Bryant Can’t Travel Without

“My number one thing — and I bring this with me literally everywhere, even if I’m going on set — is this little bottl...

NY Magazine: 109 Famous People on Their 149 Favorite Drugstore Products

Here’s another essential-oil-based sanitizing spray beloved by many famous people — Logan Browning, Vivicia A. Fox, H...

Daily Mail: The best skin-friendly scented sanitisers

U.S. brand Jao prides itself on its environmentally friendly credentials and all products are free from artificial in...

Afar: China’s Coronavirus Outbreak: What International Travelers Need to Know

If the news surrounding coronavirus has you on the lookout for a good hand sanitizer, we have a few staff favorites t...

Afar: Should You Think Twice About Washing Your Hands on a Plane

A mom (aka a germ warrior) and frequent traveler, I myself don’t leave home without Jao Refresher Sanitizer Gel, whic...

Ageist: 3 Things We Like

We Like Jao Hand Sanitizer. The word is, the best way to avoid getting sick is to frequently clean your hands. With t...

NY Magazine: The Strategist Drugstore

We’ve pieced together the inventory of our dream drugstore...Jao Refresher is the perfect subway smell eliminator. 

Bloomberg: Effective Hand Sanitizers Without the Antiseptic Aroma

The quick-drying spray version is ideal for sanitizing your phone, wallet, or keys, while the liquid version is extra...

NY Mag: What Vivica A. Fox Can’t Live Without

Being on set means you’re shaking a lot of hands, and this is an excellent one because it has a lot of moisture, unli...

Archeo: Travel Essentials

Little, pampering luxuries while traveling can have big impact. Margit perks up with Jao Refresher.

Organic Spa: NY Fashion Week Survival Bag

The hand refresher by Jao has been in my survival bag for over 20 years.

Safara: Carry-On: Our Must-Have Wellness Products

Keeping your paws clean through airports is a must, but most hand sanitizers aren’t the best for you. This is one of ...

Thrive Local: Items That Make Traveling a Lot Less Stressful

Lighten your load - include a bottle of Jao Refresher spray. It’s a non-drying hand sanitizer that smells like lavend...
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