Alton Brown's Quarantine Quitchen

"This episode of Quarantine Quitchen brought to you by Goe Oil. It’s a moisturizer and a lube for your pleasure."

JetSetter: Comfy Outfits Editors Are Wearing to Work from Home

I’ve also found that putting on simple earrings and a swipe of lip balm makes me feel a lot more put-together with li...

Vogue: 9 Best Natural Bug Repellents for a Bite-Free Summer

The quenching body balm of Patio Oil backyard formula also packs good fats, plus lemon eucalyptus oil.

The Good Trade: The 11 Best Hand Sanitizers When You're On-The-Go

The ultimate multipurpose disinfectant, Jao’s Refresher disinfects your hands and works on your body and face.

Cooking Light: Best Hand Sanitizers That Meet the CDC Guidelines

Jao’s unique formula isn’t just crafted for clean hands, but actually doubles as a face toner, underarm refresher, zi...

CNN: Hand Sanitizers That Actually Smell Good

The combination of lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, geranium and clary sage essential oils reminds us of a blissful af...

Domino - 8 Sanitizers for When You're Nowhere Near a Sink

This formula from Jao acts as both a disinfectant and an aromatherapy treatment in one bottle. It includes a mix of e...

NY Mag: What Kelly Ripa Can’t Live Without

You can just spray this and it instantly makes things better. I’ll spray it into my jacket and then put my face into ...

CNN Tonight - Corona Virus Questions with Don Lemon and Sanjay Gupta

CNN Don Lemon "Yes. But, yes, this Jao one is really good. It smells really good."

NY Magazine: What Betsey Johnson Can't Live Without

Let me tell you about this oil. It’s a very weird product, but I think it’s the best body oil. It comes in a tube, li...

NY Times T-List: Four DEET-Free, Moisturizing Bug Sprays

Patio Oil, a super hydrating balm, soothes skin with jojoba butter and vitamin E while warding off bugs with lemon eu...

NY Times: These Hand Sanitizers Smell Good, Kill Germs

Like the standard versions, these have an alcohol base but aim to offer a more indulgent experience than, say, a sme...

GQ: The One Grooming Hack Every Guy Needs to Know

Apply it to freshly washed skin for a lightweight, deep-soaking hydration. (Don't hesitate to apply it even if your s...

This You Need: Jao Refresher

I whip out my Jao Refresher at the slightest provocation. "I touched that hand rail!" Spritz, spritz. "I'm waiting f...

InStyle :Here's What Exactly to Look for In a Hand Sanitizer

Traditional, alcohol-based hand sanitizers like Purell aren't your only option anymore; The number one thing to keep ...

NY Magazine: 109 Famous People on Their 149 Favorite Drugstore Products

Here’s another essential-oil-based sanitizing spray beloved by many famous people — Logan Browning, Vivicia A. Fox, H...

Daily Mail: The best skin-friendly scented sanitisers

U.S. brand Jao prides itself on its environmentally friendly credentials and all products are free from artificial in...

Beauty Independent: Beauty Brands & Fathers

Jao Brand would not exist if it was not for my father who, when he retired from SKF in Philadelphia, built a small la...

Blast: Kelly Ripa is a huge fan of Jao Refresher Spray

Kelly's list? The star is a huge fan of Jao Refresher hand spray – the product Kelly loves for its smell

The Strategist: The Best Gifts for Teachers, According to Teachers

This gentle-yet-multipurpose Jao Hand Refresher comes recommended by actress Aidy Bryant, who loves it for its mult...

New York Times - What Aidy Bryant Can’t Travel Without

“My number one thing — and I bring this with me literally everywhere, even if I’m going on set — is this little bottl...

Citizen Femme: The Beauty Haul Diaries: Trish McEvoy

Jao Refresher works as a hand sanitiser, underarm refresher, you name it, it does it!

Afar: China’s Coronavirus Outbreak: What International Travelers Need to Know

If the news surrounding coronavirus has you on the lookout for a good hand sanitizer, we have a few staff favorites t...

Afar: Should You Think Twice About Washing Your Hands on a Plane

A mom (aka a germ warrior) and frequent traveler, I myself don’t leave home without Jao Refresher Sanitizer Gel, whic...

Ageist: 3 Things We Like

We Like Jao Hand Sanitizer. The word is, the best way to avoid getting sick is to frequently clean your hands. With t...

The Print: Germ killing is the new cool with fragrant, eco friendly hand sanitisers

Jao Hand Refresher can be used to clean hands but also for aftershave, underarm refresher, and zit cream. The scent c...

Men's Health: The 13 Best Balms for Styling Your Unkept Beard

It’s the perfect weight for coarse facial hair and is thick enough to tame even the wiriest whiskers. 

NY Magazine: The Strategist Drugstore

We’ve pieced together the inventory of our dream drugstore...Jao Refresher is the perfect subway smell eliminator. 

NY Times: A Return to Beloved Hippie-Era Beauty Products

The Los Angeles-based fashion stylist Annina Mislin is partial to the Lancaster, Pa.-based brand Jao’s Goē Oil, a ble...

NY Post: Celebs share their holiday wish lists

Jao Refresher sanitizer, which smells great. I travel often and spray mine all over airplane seats.

Remodelista - Stylish Throws

Above: This French Bed Roll reminds us of the one in Paris-born Corinne Gilbert’s trés chic Brooklyn flat

Vogue: The Vogue Editors’ Guide to Holiday Shopping in New York City

Jao’s first brick-and-mortar store on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn is based on a vintage Paris apothecary, and beside...

People: Gwyneth Paltrow's Beauty Routine

The wellness guru's minimal medicine cabinet contains plenty of other "non-toxic and clean" essentials. Standout: Jao...

Daily Mail: Naomi Watts Reveals The Secrets To Her Age-Defying Looks

The age-defying blonde said she's also been using the $99 Jao Goe body oil on her skin (pictured with a facialist)

The Strategist: What Elizabeth Graves of ‘Martha Stewart Living’ Can’t Live Without

It also smells divine, slightly floral, totally clean, a bit exotic.

Us Weekly: Vivica A. Fox : What's In My Bag?

So, this has 60% alcohol in it and a moisturizer — and it’s got a little lavender smell to it.

GQ: Best Oil-Based Products for Hair, Body, and Face

These oils act as natural antioxidants, to combat the environmental toxins that age you daily; they simultaneously w...

Allure: Oscars Makeup Artist Bruce Grayson Must Have Product for the Red Carpet

I put out lots of Jao Hand Refresher. February is the high point of flu season.

Afar: Travel Hand Sanitizers

Jao wins major points for great scent and beautiful design.

Men's Health: The Best Balms for Styling Your Unkept Beard

You can theoretically use it on your hair, too, but we say leave it to the beard.

Teen Vogue: Beauty Products That Are Not Safe To Eat

28 fruit, flower, and plant oils aka a symphony of fragrances and benefits.
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